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there’s a comic book store in my town that gives ladies a 10% discount and the people who work there are really friendly so lots of ladies show up to hang out and buy comics and one time i was looking through some new releases and this guy walked in, saw all the ladies, did a double take, and said really loudly and condescendingly, ‘there sure are a lot of girls in here for a comic store!’ and laughed but no one else laughed with him and it was glorious


Ok, I just need to talk about the incredible person that is Kanda Yuu. (Sorry, been reading DGM again. Actually, I take it back. I’m not sorry.)

*Warning: This posts may contain spoilers. If it does, it means you’re two years behind, so shut up and don’t whine. Also, mild language.*

Kanda is a complete badass. We’ve known this from the moment he jumped down from who-knows-where when the Gatekeeper started panicking about Allen’s curse mark. I mean, he looked like freaking Batman. With a sword. And long hair. Samurai Batman. That should’ve been a giveaway about his utter badassery.

He’s so far the only known exorcist to completely take out a Noah.  As in, no more Skinn Bolic. I mean, sure, during the Ark… arc…. Krory “took out” Jasdevi, Allen “took out” Tyki, Lavi “took out” Rhode. They all came back. Skinn Bolic? Dead. Deady-dead-dead. Gone, kaput, bye-bye.

When they make it out, they’re all in shambles. Lenalee is a mess and can’t activate/invocate/whatever word you wanna use. And then Faux-Hitler is there being an ass, and Lenalee is traumatized and who does she turn to for comfort? Kanda Yuu. He doesn’t ask questions, and though he won’t admit it, he sees her as his friend, as we see in some of the tiny gestures he makes over and over throughout the series. He makes himself calm as she sits by him, even though he was also somewhat a mess following the Ark. I mean, his Mugen was destroyed and he used a lot of life to finish Skinn. (But he did finish him.)

Various things happen.

Then, Kanda disappears with Alma. And is basically assumed dead, because he was pretty well beat up, and at some point he has to run out of life, right? And even if he’s alive, he hates the Order, we’re never gonna see him again, right?


HE COMES BACK. He comes back to the Order that he hates, the same Order that put him through hell. Multiple times. He comes back and gives that smile that made every loyal fan swoon. YOU KNOW THAT ADORABLE SMILE THAT MADE US SIMULTANEOUSLY CRY AND GIGGLE UNCONTROLLABLY? (Don’t deny it. I had too many friends who were almost as giddy as I was over his return and subsequent smile.)

And why did he come back? Because he felt he owed Allen something, after Allen gave him and Alma time for closure. A thank you, an apology, a combination, whatever. And when he finds out the Moyashi is gone, he rescues Johnny and spends weeks hunting down Allen. With Johnny, who is probably as opposite Kanda as is possible to be. And after they find him, this other stupid assbutt shows up.

Fucking Apocryphos.

And he does something to Kanda’s eyes. The same thing he did to Link — after which Link ended up almost dead. And you know that’s gotta hurt. I mean, feathers sprout from his freaking eyes. 

And Kanda. Freaking Kanda. He gets over it and does the move in the picture above. While in tremendous pain from whatever Assbutt did. Now, what he says is “Don’t touch my head so easily.” But I don’t think that’s the reason he renewed his attack on Assbutt. Because if you look at the page before, Assbutt is threatening Timcampy and Allen. He manipulates Timcampy into staying there instead of getting Allen — who probably would have fought for Kanda, as he’s done before. And then Apocryphos moves to permanently disable Timcampy (who Kanda knows has been Allen’s only friend for 3 months(canonically)). And that’s when Kanda does this little flip.

One more effort to protect Allen. He still has things to say to Allen, and like hell Kanda’s going to be the reason that either Timcampy “dies” or Allen comes charging in to face an enemy he can’t beat yet. So Kanda flips up and keeps fighting.

And when Tiedoll finds him, it is revealed that Kanda has been General-level for quite a while, though the amount of time is undefined. And has been hiding it. Now just as a reminder, when Allen hit Critical in the Ark, Hevlaska still noticed, even across the alternate/pocket dimension. Which means even when Kanda finished Skinn Bolic, he was not at Critical, or at the very least had some way to mask it from Hevlaska, who is ridiculously in touch with all Innocence. Which means we have yet to see Kanda’s full strength.

He talks tough. He pretends to hate Allen, to not see the fellow exorcists as nakama, but he does. He’s a softy underneath his stony expression and hard words. He wears a thicker mask than Crown Clown, but he is just as kind as Allen. He just has had to fight harder.

And that makes him a complete and total badass.

This has been Kanda Yuu — A Lesson in Badassery.

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